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Welcome to my practice!

I would be glad to welcome you to my practice in the heart of Lucerne where I offer psychological counselling and psychotherapy.

Are you looking for a change? Are you feeling stuck and might need an impulse in order to discover new perspectives?

In my practice I accompany children, adolescents, families and adults in  difficult life situations.

As a psychologist FSP and federally approved psychotherapist, I support you in difficult life situations.

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I am a certified psychological psychotherapist FSP and federally approved.



My services are intended for all people who are facing personal and / or relational difficulties.

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You can either contact me by phone, send me an email or fill in the contact form. Thank you!



Take a first glimpse of me, my work and my practice at Morgartenstrasse 7 in Lucerne, close to the railway station.

Do you wish to change your life, your relationships and your situation?

Contact me for an initial consultation.