My services

Counselling and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults and families in 5 languages.

My psychological and psychotherapeutic services are intended for all people who are confronted with personal and / or relational difficulties.

A psychological process will help you to reactivate your resources in order to cope with change. I care very much about creating a climate of trust and empathy with my clients. I intend the therapeutic process as starting a journey together where one is guiding and the other one is being guided.

My areas of expertise include 

  • Anxiety and panic 
  • Depression
  • Personal, family and relationship issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Life transitions and change
  • Loss and grief
  • Emotional and physical abuse
I also offer self-awareness sessions for psychotherapists in training.
Parent counselling

Raising children is a creative and very complexe task for all parents. Mother and father have to negotiate, reach agreements and define parenting styles – which are very demanding processes. Situations and crises can challenge the entire family and put at risk the parental capacities.

Frequent Issues

  • How can we strengthen our parental skills?
  • Our child has entered a new phase
  • We are preoccupied by the behaviour and attitudes of our child  
  • My child has problems expressing his strong feelings
  • Our family is going through a big change 
Assessments and reports for couples wishing to adopt a child.
Basic insurance includes psychotherapeutic treatment. In certain cases, sessions may be financed by Aid to Victims (Opferhilfe).

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