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I am a psycholocigal psychotherapist recognised by the Swiss Confederation. In my practice in Lucerne I councel people of all ages. The psychological and psychotherapeutic consultations that I propose are intended for any person who is facing a personal and/or relational difficulty. I am convinced that every human being has an evolutionary potential. Psychological monitoring will enable you to reactivate your resources to cope with the change. I mean the psychotherapeutic process as a collaboration between you making the request and myself.

Consultations are partially covered by supplementary insurance. Check with your health insurance company. In certain cases, counselling is taken in charge by victim's help.

079 940 54 85


License in Psychology at the
University of Geneva

Specialization in Psychotherapy
for Children, Adolescents and Families at the KJF Institute in Lucerne


German, French, Italian, Spanish and English

Migration and integration

In recent years, the number of
foreign clients who consult me has increased significantly. Their themes and
problems are often related to their migration history, an issue that is becoming
more and more important to me.